Your Soul’s Calling – Shadow Work and Life Coaching For Men

Many men find there comes a time in life when their soul begins knocking on the door of their awareness.

This can happen at any age, from a man’s early 20s right into mid-life. It’s usually felt as some kind of discomfort, an uncertain sense of things not being quite right, a dissatisfaction, or an awareness, perhaps, that life has somehow come between a man and what he was always meant to be doing. Or wanted to be doing.

It’s possible to ignore this dissatisfaction, this discomfort, but the price you pay for doing so can be high. Whether you believe that these feelings are a message from your unconscious, or a message from your soul, or something else, doesn’t matter.

Because to turn away from this calling, or to ignore it, requires you to repress your deepest desires and needs.

You may turn away and somehow find yourself being really busy, or distracting yourself with food, drink, sex, porn, or other pastimes. These may be distractions whose purpose is purely to keep you from accepting a truth: something is amiss.

There is another way to deal with this:
Life Coaching.

Coaching is a simple process, at its heart. You have a guide who can support you as you choose to explore what may be calling for attention. With a fellow traveller to accompany you on the journey, you can choose to explore the possibility of living your life in harmony with your true self. Together, we can look for the wounds of the past and with my support you can begin to heal them.

This is a road for the brave, for the courageous, for the determined – and perhaps for the desperate. It is a road for any man who really wants to become the man he was born to be.

Life Coaching may be about finding your purpose in life. It may be about finding what would make you happy. It may be about meeting a need to discover what would bring you closer to the true essence and nature of who you are.

When the approach involves an exploration of the deeper shadows within you, the speed with change can happen is massively increased, and the power of the work is deepened. This is the power of what we call shadow work.

And shadow work is extremely flexible. Sometimes it is enough to simply explore with your life coach what your discomfort is about, so you can live life comfortably once again, with a deeper understanding of who you are.

Sometimes it is enough to work on healing the wounds of the past.

And sometimes what is needed is to build your adult strength and resilience so that you can comfortably hold those wounds, healed or not. 

As an experienced shadow worker and life coach I can meet you face to face, or on Zoom, and support you with loving compassion, and act as your guide as you move through new territory.

We can work together to explore the shadows you hold in you unconscious and to develop balanced energy in all the archetypes of your personality: King, Warrior, Magician, Lover.

Some of my clients come to me with a fear that when the truth about who they are and what they want emerges, they will have to change their lives significantly.

But in my experience, compromise is always possible. I believe I’ve only met one man in four years of working in this area who decided to turn away from his current life completely.

But there are no guarantees.

So could you compromise? Or do you feel you must be totally true to yourself in every way?

No matter. Whatever you discover about your needs, your deepest wishes and desires, and your unconscious motivations, there’s always a way to move yourself closer to them, and to feel the satisfaction and the personal power which comes from that.

In any case, the exploration of self can be a lifelong journey. Insights, answers, and understanding may not appear overnight, and perhaps not even for many years. It’s often said that what’s really important is the journey rather the outcome, and there’s truth in that, for personal growth is indeed a process, not an event.

You Don’t Need Travel Your Journey Alone

And every journey is better accompanied by a guide who knows the territory. As a life coach, trained counsellor and therapist, and a qualified Healing The Shadow practitioner, I have worked with hundreds of men over the past few years to guide and support them on their journeys to a better, happier and more fulfilled way of life. 

Sure, to take a journey of exploration into your own soul can be one of the greatest projects you will ever invest your time and energy into. You will almost certainly discover things about yourself you never suspected. You may be shocked at what lies beneath the surface of your conscious awareness. You may be delighted when you truly experience your magnificence and your joy, the golden shadow within you that’s been repressed for so many years.

You may realise, in fact, that what others have tried to make you is simply a borrowed coat of many colours which you can begin to peel away.

As you do so, you will discover the true nature of the  man who lives within you. Your archetypes will gradually come into balance.

You will discover the strength of your Adult Sovereign power, your Warrior’s ability to make a difference in the world, the tenderness of the Lover who lives within you, and the elegance of your clever Magician who brought you to this point. (He knows it is no coincidence you are reading this!)

Despite what others have told you or shown you or tried to make you believe, you are in fact a magnificent man, a child of the universe, with a unique purpose and destiny yet to be fulfilled.

Take the step now which may help you move beyond this impasse, block, or continuing sense of dissatisfaction.

Give me a call on 07788 502902 to see if shadow work (also known as archetypal life coaching) may be helpful to you. 

A system of coaching which really does bring about lasting behavioural change – fast!