Lover Archetype: Sensitivity, Feeling & Connection

Feeling & Connection: The Lover Archetype

There are some primal drives, some primal urges – sex, food, connection with other people – which are part of the essence of who we are. They are within us all, and we all feel them at some level.

Parts of the personality like this are called archetypes – meaning they occur in each and everyone of us.

The Lover archetype is one of these. It is the part of you which is concerned with feeling, sensuous experience, connection with others, and indeed, love.

The Lover Archetype In Life Coaching

An obvious question: how can working with this part of the human personality, this archetype, be useful in Life Coaching? How can this help us achieve success in life?

This archetype is the basis of our desire to connect with others. So working with this archetype during life coaching can provide insights into your ability (or lack of ability) to get along with others. It will also explain how easy or hard you find it to establish a sense of empathy, closeness and understanding with other people.

More to the point, life coaching in this area will enable you to make up any deficits in your ability to empathise, to connect with others. And this can certainly bring emotional stability and balance to your emotional life.

In fact, life coaching can offer insights into any behaviours which disrupt or limit your connection with others. On a personal level, you may experience some profound insights into how you relate to yourself, your colleagues, friends and families.

You’re also likely to discover areas of your personality which could be strengthened, to the benefit of your sense of ease, relaxation, well-being and comfort.

Together, during coaching, we may discover unhelpful aspects of your Lover archetype which are over-active and need some care and attention. By providing the appropriate support, we can make them less influential and prominent in the way you present yourself in the world.

All of this work will ensure you have a more stable and balanced personality, a greater sense of openness and warmth, and greater self-assurance. In other words, greater authenticity.

A Video To Introduce The Lover Archetype


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