Thinking, Creativity & Intuition

When I think about the Magician archetype, I think of wisdom, of knowledge, and of thinking. That includes creative thinking, rational thinking, logical thinking, and intuition.  And the Magician also knows how to use that knowledge!

Indeed, Magician energy is needed in any area of life which requires you to have specialist knowledge to be able to fulfill your function.

You might, for example, be a technician, mastering electricity or energy. You might be a builder unravelling the mysteries of how to build a high wall without wavering from the vertical. You might be a student, working hard in the library to gain the knowledge which will allow you to master your field.

And your field could be anything: medicine, mathematics, archaeology, science or history. You might be training in counselling or life coaching. You might be an aspiring stockbroker, you might be training as a shamanic healer. You might be learning the skills of a creative artist – mastering the art and craft of painting, pottery, or writing.

But whatever you’re doing, you’re learning what you need to know by employing your Magician archetype – the holder of knowledge, the holder of secrets, the one who knows how to do things. Or who can find out how to do things.

A Video to Introduce The Magician Archetype

Perhaps once upon a time it was possible for one individual called the Chief to hold King, Warrior, and Magician energy. Today, our society is far too complicated for everyone to hold all the knowledge that is needed to make it operate. So each of us needs to have specialist knowledge within our own field: business, vocation, family, whatever it may be. And we are also called upon by others who need our particular blend of Magician skills and energy to solve their problems or want us to share with them what they do not know.

It’s quite wrong to think of Magician energy as being something secret. Sure, long ago, witch doctors, shamans and oracle seers might have held the knowledge. But even if that’s how it once was, nowadays our technological civilisation demands a more down-to-earth and practical form of Magician energy.

However Magician energy goes a long way beyond mere knowledge about how to do things.

The Magician is a discerning and wise man or woman in any kingdom. He or she can advise the King or Queen on the right course of action in any situation, because Magicians have the ability to discern and distinguish between various possibilities.

They also have an ability to work out, rationally, logically, creatively, or intuitively, what’s best to do in any set of circumstances.

And a Magician certainly has a deep intuition about what’s right – as well as what’s needed. That’s why the King relies on his Magician as a wise counsellor.

This is a dynamic which operates within you every time you have a problem to solve. The Magician in you goes away and finds possible solutions and then brings them back to the King or Queen with enough information to inform a clear Sovereign decision.

We could say there are two aspects to Magician energy – there’s knowledge, and then there’s the application of that knowledge to solving problems.

We live in a technological age where we need creative and logical thinkers more than ever. This might lead you to believe that those people with Magician energy have come into their own, but the truth is the Magician archetype has always been influential in all human societies.

Indeed, in many societies the Magicians had a major role in determining how society would evolve. They were the ones with access to secret knowledge through Shamanic and other esoteric rituals.

Nowadays, there are many different types of Magicians, with many different types of secret knowledge. If you want to find modern day Magicians with esoteric knowledge look no further than the theoretical physicists who work on the edge of our knowledge around quantum theory. Equally, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, life coaches, counsellors and other advisers who can influence the human psyche are a very powerful force in human society. Maybe they are the true inheritors of the shamanistic cloak!

In many ways these Shamans, Magicians, Mystics – call this archetype what you will – do have access to some of the most profound power available to any human being – the power of the unconscious.

Our sense of self, our ego, is weak in the face of the unconscious, as anyone who has ever experienced a conflict between their desire to carry out some intention and the impossibility of doing it will understand!

The Magician In His Fullness

What about the energy of the Magician in his maturity and fullness? How does this help us, and what role does it play in our lives, our businesses and our families? And if we are so intelligent, and we have such a high level of problem solving Magician energy, why is the world in such an apparent mess? What has gone wrong here?

Think of the Magician as a part of you which has the capacity to understand and observe everything. It’s almost like a regulatory force, which controls the dynamics of the psyche, of the mind as a whole.

The Magician really has a special capacity: she or he has the capacity to think. In seemingly impossible or difficult decisions, or when we’re balancing different priorities, or when we face the challenge of dealing with recalcitrant children, or we’re wondering how to meet the requirements of conflicting interests and parties in a business meeting, we can find solutions by accessing our Magician archetype.

The Magician, of course, is a rather introverted archetype. The energy here is of thoughtfulness and reflection or investigation. These are generally rather solitary pursuits.

But Magician energy has a mysterious quality of multiplying dramatically when men and women get together in groups to discuss problems. In such situations, as you may know, we often find the power and energy of this archetype multiplied many times over. This peculiarity is the basis of the MasterMind group, which Napoleon Hill described in the early 1900s.

A MasterMind group is a group of individuals meeting together with the intention of supporting each other in finding solutions to problems, or in finding direction and defining purpose. The inspiration people find here is, I believe, the product of several Magician archetypes working in harmony.

The MasterMind group members somehow seem to be in a magical space where their individual Magicians are combining to form a super-computer. The end result has much more computing power than the sum of all the individuals added together.

So there is something mysterious and magical about this Magician energy which we don’t fully understand – and perhaps which we don’t need to understand.

What we do need to appreciate, however, is that the Magician archetype can be detached from human emotional values.

In its extreme form, Magician energy is devoid of emotion, feeling, and compassion. It is just directed to finding solutions or ways of acting.

So a balanced individual – be that man or woman – needs to have a strong Sovereign who can direct the Magician wisely. And the Magician needs to be linked into the Lover archetype so that he or she is not completely devoid of feeling, and doesn’t operate in an emotional vacuum.

We’ve all met people who impress by their “heady” quality – you might say they spend much of their time in their head, or they seem cold, aloof and detached. To me this implies that someone’s Magician energy is out of balance: inflated, too powerful, too controlling, and it isn’t being tempered by humane compassion or Sovereign direction.

The Magician also plays a major part in the Warrior’s duty, in his striving to achieve outcomes, to fulfill his goals.

That’s to be expected, because the mature Warrior isn’t a mindless servant of the King. In fact the best Warriors are clever tacticians and strategists who can use the Magician’s energy to work out what is good for them and what is good for their cause.

You’ll see that here – as with all the other archetypes – a blending of energies in a balanced way is the best situation for the smooth running of the Kingdom.

Problems always arise, sooner or later, when one or more archetypes are dominant. Where there is a severe imbalance, the Kingdom or Queendom can fall, descend into chaos, or simply not function very well.

And this, of course, is precisely the point of archetypal life coaching: my aim is to balance the energy in the different quarters of your Kingdom, your personality, so that overall you are truly reaching your maximum potential. In our sessions of life coaching, your own Magician will be fully on board, so we work in harmony to find the best way forward for you as an individual.

A system of coaching which really does bring about lasting behavioural change – fast!