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My work with shadow work, also known as “archetypal  coaching”,  offers a different perspective on personal development.

This approach has proved helpful to hundreds of men and women over the last few years, no matter what kind of issues they are facing, no matter what areas of performance they wish to improve.

Shadow work and Archetypal Life Coaching is based on the assumption that all you need to function perfectly well in the world, to get what you want, to live fully in your emotions, and to express your potential to the fullest extent, already lies within you.

All you need is a way to access that potential.

Life has a habit of getting in the way of what we want to be and do. We all hold many self-limiting beliefs. Many of these self-limiting beliefs are implanted by our caregivers in childhood. Some come from the way we see ourselves as children. Nearly all these beliefs are simply wrong.

But these beliefs determine the way we see ourselves. They also control how we behave, what we achieve, and how we relate to others. They influence how we think.

And unfortunately these beliefs produced all kinds of childhood behaviours which once served to keep us safe in some way, but which are now definitely dysfunctional and unhelpful in the adult world! 

And underneath all of this, hidden away in Shadow, lies all of the magnificent potential with which you were born.

All your magnificent potential to be fully human, to expand into every area of your personality, to enjoy the true expression of who you were born to be.

This kind of Archetypal coaching, or shadow work, is a very direct way of accessing those limiting beliefs and all the other blocks which come from your history. With this approach to life coaching you can destroy, eliminate or change these limiting beliefs. 

And as you do, you gain access to all of the magnificence, power, and potential currently hidden in your Shadow.

By exploring your unconscious together, in this unique approach to life coaching, we can remove limiting beliefs, rebuild positive self-esteem and self-confidence, and bring you back on the path to becoming who you were always meant to be.

Sessions can be conducted perfectly well by Zoom, because much of the work is done in accessing the unconscious mind through the power of the imagination.


If you’d like to explore how we might work together, please give me a call. You may be based anywhere as we can work by Zoom.  Wherever you are, shadow work coaching is key to reaching your maximum potential.

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