Warrior Archetype: Action, Assertiveness & Boundaries

Your Warrior’s Archetypal Energy Can Move Mountains!

Your personality is made up of several parts that have different functions: leadership, action, thinking, and feeling, for example. None of these parts is more or less important than the others. They all need to work effectively, with balanced energy, for you to achieve success in the world.

Because everyone has these parts of their personalities, they are known as archetypes; in other words, parts which everyone has in common.

The important point is that we can work with your archetypes in all kinds of ways during your coaching sessions. This is a way of working which produces powerful, lasting change. And does it fast.

Your Warrior Archetype

Here, I’d like to explain more about the part of your personality which makes things happen. You could call this the “Action Taker” or the “Guardian of Boundaries”. In archetypal terms it is the part known as the Warrior or Warrioress.

Warriors Have Energy!

Your Warrior archetype is the part of you responsible for going out into the world and getting things done. Preferably, that is, getting things done under the orders of your King archetype. After all, the leadership of your King’s energy is – or should be – the guiding force in our individual Kingdoms and Queendoms.

Your warrior also defends the boundaries of your Kingdom or Queendom. That might be your business, your family, your home, or your world.

Here’s a video which explains more about the Warrior archetype and how this energetic part of your personality serves you in your life.

A Video To Explain The Warrior Archetype

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The Warrior In Your World

The Warrior in his mature form channels his aggression so it empowers an outwardly directed, on-the-offensive approach to life. This is the energy which takes us out of an inwardly directed, defensive, depressed, or submissive position in response to life’s challenges and problems.

To put it simply, your Warrior archetype is an agent of change in the world, and will act in service to your leader or Sovereign (if he’s given clear instructions, that is!) His or her role is all about constructive achievement, about going out into the world and getting things done, and changing things for the better.

Women can show outwardly directed Warrior archetypal energy just as much as men when they choose to do so, in business, for example. Yet the energy of the Warrioress often manifests as a defensive energy, a protective energy.

What Makes A Warrior Successful?

There are three particular qualities needed by all Warriors who want to be effective in bringing about change:

  • energetic action (an expression I much prefer to the word “aggressiveness”)
  • clarity of thinking and discernment – knowing which battles to fight
  • and the awareness that the difference between success and failure (or, if you prefer, life and death) is but a small one.

So to express the fullness of your Warrior archetype in the world, you must bring skill, power, accuracy and focus to your actions. You need control over your inner and outer actions and feelings, both psychological and physical.

Integrity and commitment are qualities displayed by men and women who know they are doing the right thing, who are truly “on a mission”.

Such integrity and commitment remove much of the sting of the pettiness and small-minded attacks which can be directed at a Warrior as he or she sets out in service of the King or Queen.

Someone who is strong in their Warrior archetype is sure of his or her integrity, and will not be knocked off course or swayed. A Warrior with integrity has the greatest chance of staying “on mission”, and thereby bringing their Sovereign’s deepest desires and most soulful visions to the world. 

The Warrior Archetype In Your World

For you, Warrior work might centre on your business, your family, your mission to change something, or your desire to bring about your vision. It might be based on a cause for which you are fighting, or even an idealistic notion.

Warrior energy is based on determination, clarity about what’s needed, and the dedicated pursuit of an objective  guided by focus and intention.

Yet sometimes the Warrior archetype has to destroy.

You see, positive, focused Warrior energy is sometimes needed simply to destroy what already is, so that something new can take its place.

This would be the kind of energy, for example, that a man or woman might bring to their decision to change direction in life, in business matters or family affairs. What kind of thing are we thinking of? To leave a business, perhaps, or sell it, or to divorce a wife or husband, maybe.

Thus the Warrior archetype may be linked to mature decision-making in which the King or Queen understands that certain hard choices have to be made, and that in the making of those choices there may be some destruction of the established order.

The Warrior Archetype Makes Things Happen

If you need to take action in the world, you need to change things, you need to get things done, this is the part of you which must take action!

Sadly many of us have either a weak, suppressed, or out of control Warrior archetype within us.

The great news is that shadow work can bring the energy of the Warrior archetype back into balance. Then, this powerful archetype can truly serve you in a productive way without doing harm to you or to the world around you.

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